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Get your business running on cloud in minutes with a "drag-and-drop" cloud designer and recommendations that align to the 5 pillars of cloud best-practice

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All cloud features in one single platform

Designing cloud architectures, generating infrastructure-as-code and provisioning infrastructure

Cloud Architecture

Design a cloud architecture diagram using "drag-and-drop" components.


Input configuration for cloud resources in interface to generate Infrastructure-as-Code.


Resources come with a list of recommendations on how to configure cloud services.

Sync cloud diagram

Sync your existing infrastructure from your cloud to generate nice cloud architecture diagrams.

Deploy infrastructure

Deploy and update each template seperately with a single deploy click.

Architecture Templates

Best-practice templates to get your business started on the cloud.

Whom Opsly is for?

Opsly is designed for those using public cloud making it simpler and faster to design cloud infrastructure for hosting applications

For Developer

Developers can design cloud architecture diagrams with the benefit of the automatic generation of Infrastructure-as-Code without the hassle of writing scripts from scratch.

Coming soon: Multi-cloud design

Combine services from multiple cloud providers in 1 single architecture diagram to host applications in multiple clouds.

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For Business

Can design their business on the cloud by utilising our best-practice recommendations covering all 5 pillars (Scalability, Resiliency, Availability, Management & DevOps and Security) of the cloud framework.

Saving time for their developers searching through blogs and forums on how to configure cloud services for a business.

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Reference Architecture Templates

A growing library of best-practice reference architectures split into categories (e.g: AI & Machine Learning/Big Data/Networking/Web Apps/Microservices). This can save your business time re-inventing the wheel when architecting on the cloud.

What's next on the roadmap

Rollout of new product features by September 2019.

Support for AWS Cloud

All platform features supported for AWS.

Terraform & CloudFormation

Infrastructure-as-Code automatic creation for Terraform & CloudFormation users.

Real-time visual optimisations

Optimisations (e.g cost, scalability) displayed visually as you sync your existing infrastructure from your cloud provider.

Multi-cloud support

Combine services from multiple cloud providers leveraging better supported services from multiple clouds.

Deploy app from GitHub

Connect your local GitHub and seamlessly provision your application onto cloud infrastructure.

100 AWS & 100 Azure templates

Support for 100 AWS & 100 Azure best-practice cloud templates for 5 new categories (Databases, IOT, Enterprise, DevOps, Multi-Cloud).

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