Our Philosophy

Cloud Automation

We focus on building automated offerings (e.g Real-time IaC, Predictive Billing, Automatic cloud sync) for developing services on the cloud. Enabling developers to forget about mundane DevOps tasks and focus on building their application.

Build Better Cloud

We focus on building pre-built cloud templates and hand-picked recommendations to empower companies to build the best infrastructure for their business. We believe that the 5 pillars of cloud computing are essential for businesses to adopt and to continuously iterate on.

Developer Experience

We focus on providing an easy and interactive cloud experience for developers to enable them to do their work better, faster and manageable. Providing them rich components and a visual UX experience that maps out your cloud and what needs to be done.

Make cloud easier, intuitive and automated.

We want to make the cloud journey for our customers as simple and quick as possible. We believe that automation in software tools can help businesses accelerate developer productivity.

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